Jul 21, 2008


now I see Indonesia there are still small houses under bridges, under the overpass, the city will be busy building and the visual pollution of air and drown site heritage buildings. The existence of various types of natural disasters. But we still love and fly the flag of manicured "Dwi Color" is used even though every commemorate the anniversary, and I hope tomorrow when the flag can be stuck on the moon with the spacecraft's journey made on its own. (but it all looks like a stage, what's wrong I hope so).

to participate in the contest Illustration :iconimadawwas: and the friend's apartment in commemoration of HUT RI - 63
The theme: "Indonesiaku now and then" Link

Apr 28, 2008

Hardboard Cut first Print Hardboard Cut .....
Workshop and the Exhibition of kupu-kupu cukil kayu
with A.C. Andre Tanama in Galery Sasanty Yogyakarta

"Nyanyian Alam (The Nature song) "

"Tarian Alam (The Nature dance )"

Apr 25, 2008

Packing mug

One of the draft for my final project

Cover E-zine

This was one of the works my drawing
that was chosen to cover Ezine the Indonesian production sensakilla
with the theme of the "Abstract" (drawing pen & stabilo)

IP Award 2007

draft calendar for Indonesia Printer Award 2007
the theme of Global Warming by calculating
type of paper, printing and finishing techniques.
(as a finalist)

MTV-tama HP skinit

plan to attend the MTV competition of all HP Skinit

Cover Concept 1001

to follow-festival 1001 cover design concept (go 200 big)
drawing pen / digital coloring

....Ambient media....

Ambient media is a media communications
who uses the medium medium
to reinforce the message that media communication.

Ambient media is made for the purposes of final
and included in the Hotel Melia Purosani Pinasthika.Adfest.2007 Yogyakarta.
Done by my own:
- Fabric Canvas - screen printing rubber - Spray Paint
- Sewing Machines - Yarn Woll

Portfolio of Professional Work

Part of the design of work
working time of 3 months in MACS909 profession as an art director

(untuk lihat image besar)
alternative design styles for Telkomsell cam Icon

design for Telkomsel naviGator64 Manual Book

(untuk lihat image besar)
design for flash modem Telkomsel
(logo designed by my friend Arvie)

(untuk lihat image besar)
It's one of the draft map outer packing
for FOX'S candy, made specifically to meet
Valentine's Day and China New Year in 2007

Icon Biennale Jogja IX-2007- NEO-NATION

This is one of my collaborative projects with Aditya NP time into graphic design team with the name "Beindeetz" in the event of Contemporary Art Jogja per 2 years theme NEO-NATION, curated by 4 Curator Jogja already accomplished International (Suwarno Wisetrotomo, Eko A. Prawoto, Kuss and A. Sudjud Indarto Dartanto) and is followed by 164 artists from Indonesia and Overseas.
"for Download Font"

Koens Toys Paper

This was my first toys paper ....... ,
after being postponed and almost forgotten